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Your once-a-year chance to geek out about SilverStripe? Of course you need to be there! StripeCon EU 2018 is a 2 day European community conference dedicated to the SilverStripe Framework & CMS. The 2018 edition will be held on the 21st and 22nd of September in Enschede, the Netherlands in the Big Church (Grote Kerk)! With an informal meet-up planned on the evening of the 20th and a StripeCon party planned on the evening of the 21st!

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Speaker Schedule


~19:00 - ?

Hang out @Molly's
For those of you already in town: Let's grab a drink! We'll be hanging out at Molly Malone's, our favorite Irish pub, in the center of Enschede. We'll be upstairs if the weather is bad (the stairs are on the right in the back of the pub) or outside on the patio if the weather permits. See you there!


Conference location: Grote Kerk, Enschede

Registration & opening of the conference.

Robbie Averill
Senior Developer @Silverstripe | @twitter
Harnessing the power of React in SilverStripe 4
Slides - Video

Andy Adiwidjaja
Owner of Adiwidjaja Teamworks | @twitter

The SilverStripe 4 Application Framework
Slides - Video

12:30 - Lunch

Kay van Baarle
Software Developer at OGD ict-diensten | @twitter

Writing maintainable code in an ever growing environment
Slides - Video

14:30 - Coffee break

Derk Gortemaker
Owner of Twisted Bytes & Co-host of StripeCon | @twitter

SilverStripe 4 & AWS
Slides - Video

Samu Saarniluoto
Sales Manager @ UpCloud | @twitter

Supercharge your SilverStripe sites with UpCloud
Slides - Video

16:15 - Lightning Talks / Discussions

Werner Krauß: PHP Inspections EA Extended / Ultimate (Slides - Video)
Arno Bor: SilverStripe & Auth0 (Video)
Steven Lantinga: SS Elemental Grid

17:00 - End

18:30 - Food, fun, drinks and trivia! @Perron22
Have fun and relax with food and drinks for some after-conference unwinding. And get ready for the first ever StripeCon trivia contest! Open to all conference visitors, please RSVP here!


Conference location: Grote Kerk, Enschede
Church is open, grab a coffee!

Phillip Krenn
Developer Advocate at @elastic | @twitter

Monitoring SilverStripe with Elastic
Slides - Video

Rowdy Rabouw
Owner of double-R webdevelopment | @twitter

Browser API's; the unknown superheroes
Website - Info - Video

Jake Grimley
Founder of Made Media | @twitter

Porting Gutenberg to SilverStripe
Slides - Video

12:30 - Lunch

Julian Scheuchenzuber
Founder of Level51 | @linkedin

Vue & SilverStripe
Slides - Video

14:30 - Tea break

Gregor Weindl
Developer @pixelpoems | @twitter

Boost your frontend workflow with webpack
Slides - Video

16:00 - Lightning Talks / Discussions

Thomas B. Nielsen: SilverStripe - Indesign Bridge
Ronald van Raaphorst: Tips and stuff to read
Armin Eden: (Video)
Philipp Ständer: Logging to Sentry (Video)
Herbert Cuba Garcia: (Video)
Peter Niellson: (Video)
Derk Gortemaker: SS Vagrant Box

FOOD Places to go, stuff to eat!


Grab a breakfast (“on the go” if you need to) @ Perron 22. Right outside the train station, and right next to the hotel InterCity, this place serves up a breakfast to start your day off right (vegetarian options)! Bagels and Beans is a great place to get your morning bagel fix (also vegan options!). Or grab some really good coffee and a bite at our coffee place Coffee Fellows (open early).

Beer O’Clock

Most of the restaurants mentioned under "Dinner" are also great places to hang out for after-dinner drinks. But if you're looking for drinks only, the best service in town is at Molly Malone’s pub. Raise the flag on your table, and the waiter will be right there! Great place for Erdinger, Guinness and specialty beers!

The best place for cocktails and yummy fingerfood is @ Perron 22, open 'til 2am. And for the really really late nights (when you've had one too many), check out the shawarma at Bambul ;-) 



Dinner grub

Enschede is a student town which is why you’ll find a cheap daily special at most places in the city center. Ask what the “daghap” is (which means “daily bite”) and they will gladly tell you what’s on offer today for between 8 and 10 euro. Eetcafe CP, Novi, ONS Eten & Drinken and SamSam are great places for a “daghap”. If you go to Novi, consider ordering the ‘Anti-pasti Misti’ as a starter, so worth it!

Perron 22 (our Friday evening venue) has some great food for a great price. And our best burger in town, by a landslide, is The Big Belly Burger served at Big Belly’s Irish Tavern. Don’t forget to ask for extra jalapeno’s and tell them “hi” from Lars & Derk!

For some really really good Asian food, and a nice place to eat, you can’t beat Yuen’s Oriental. All-you-can eat sushi is best at Asaka (indoor seating only) or Blue Sakura (in- and outdoor seating). All three Asian restaurants have vegetarian options too! 

Vegetarians, all of the above restaurants have good vegetarian options, so no worries there. But if you want something special, grab some awesome vegetarian burgers (they have more than one to choose from!) @ Eetcafe CP (check their Dutch site).

Vegans, you can have a great meal at ONS Eten & Drinken, check Foodbar RAUW in our mini-foodhal, or get your falafel on @ Cigkoftem Enschede.


StripeCon is a 2 day European community conference dedicated to the SilverStripe Framework & CMS. Organised by the community for the community. Each year, we hope someone in the community will host the event in their county and make it happen with the help of Silverstripe and the rest of the community. In the past few years, we've hopped from Linz, to London, to Ljubljana, to Malta, and now: Enschede!

The conference consists of two full days (Friday and Saturday) of talks, discussions and sharing of ideas. Ahead of the conference, we will meet up on the evening of Thursday the 20th, for drinks and fun. Check the schedule for details!

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The jewel of Twente Be surprised by the green heart of Twente

With 160.000 residents, the city of Enschede is the urban heart of the East-Netherlands area we call "Twente". A resilient city, vibrant and energetic. Right on the border of the Netherlands and Germany it makes for an enterprising city with over 150 nationalities. It is a wonderful green region with an exceptional bocage landscape. When it comes to what Twente has to offer in this area, it can modestly compare itself to cities such as Amsterdam or Utrecht. With no less than 41 museums, 36 galleries and ateliers, 10 theatres and 14 cinemas Twente can be proud of its cultural heritage.

Enschede, The Netherlands

"The Big Church" dates back to the middle ages and is located smack-dab in the middle of "De Oude Markt" (translation: "The Old Market Square"). This square (and it's side streets) offer the best pubs, grub and drinks, and you'll see all of Enschede hanging out on the outdoor terraces when the sun is out. The Big Church (yes, this is it's real name) will be our rockin' conference location!

Navigate to the Big Church.

When searching for flights, don't forget to consider Muenster / Osnabrueck Airport (FMO). A train from Münster/Osnabrück Airport to Enschede will take approximately 2.5 - 3 hrs. A bus ride will take about 1 - 1.5 hrs.

Holland's biggest airport: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. You'll definetly find a flight into this airport, and if you grab an intercity train (those are faster) it will get you to Enshede in about 2.5hrs.

Enschede is so close to the German border, don't forget to consider flying into Düsseldorf . A train from Düsseldorf Airport to Enschede will take approximately 3 - 3.5 hrs. 

A smaller airport, but sometimes there are deals to be had when flying in from European cities. A train from Eindhoven Airport to Enschede will take approximately 3 - 3.5 hrs. A bus ride will take about 3 hrs.

Travelling to Enschede Planning your trip

Enschede is easily accessible by public transport. Check out the resources below to plan your trip by plane, bus and/or train.


When you fly to Holland, you can consider the following airports when travelling to Enschede:

In Germany:

Münster Osnabrück International Airport (FMO)
A train from Münster/Osnabrück Airport to Enschede will take approximately 2.5 - 3 hrs. A bus ride will take about 1 - 1.5 hrs.

Düsseldorf Airport (DUS)
A train from Düsseldorf Airport to Enschede will take approximately 3 - 3.5 hrs. 

In the Netherlands

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)
A train from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Enschede will take approximately 2 - 2.5 hrs.

Eindhoven Airport (EIN)
A train from Eindhoven Airport to Enschede will take approximately 3 - 3.5 hrs. A bus ride will take about 3 hrs.


Enschede has excellent train connections, whether travelling from an airport, or a European city. Use Enschede (not Kennispark or other smaller stations) as the central station destination to plan your trip.

This site will give you lots of public transport info (bus and/or train) for travelling from all over Europe to the Netherlands. 

NS (Dutch train services)
The Dutch national trainservice is operated by NS.

Bahn  (ICE)
The fast network of ICE trains will bring you to Enschede from all over Europe


When planning a bus trip, consider the following bus services:

This site will give you lots of public transport info (bus and/or train) for travelling from all over Europe to the Netherlands. 

A European intercity bus network.


The city of Enschede has graciously offered to give our conference guests FREE parking in the underground “Van Heek” parking garage. You’ll need a parking pass to leave the garage with, which we will have available for you at the conference. Just drop us an email, so we know how many parking passes to have ready (note: 1 parking pass will be needed per car, so if you’re coming with multiple cars, just let us know how many you’ll need).

You can park in the underground parking garage "Van Heekplein" (some signs will have the short version "Van Heek" on it). There's multiple entrances, just follow the [P] signs for Van Heek once you get to Enschede city centre. Here's a Google link to get you to the general area.


Once you're in Enschede, all the conference-related locations can be easily accessed on foot (from the train station to the conference center is a 6 min walk, and from the Intercity Hotel it is a 4 min walk). But if you're up for exploring Enschede, or if you're considering staying before/after the conference, we can highly recommend the Dutch way to get around: bicycling. You can rent a bicycle from NS (see or contact your hosts for more information ( or msg blueskies in the Silverstripe-users Slack to see if we can help).


Intercity Hotel Enschede
Located in the center of Enschede, close to theatres, cinemas and restaurants and great pubs. The train station is located approx. 350 m away, the marketplace and the "Grote Kerk" (our conference location) are about 7 minutes' walk away.

Van der Valk Hotel Enschede
This hotel is located outside the city center, but there is a bus-stop right out front which will bring you to the conference location within 15 min. 
Use reservationnumber ENS-GF2173 to get a room for 99 EUR/night.

Bad Boekelo
Outside the city of Enschede, this friendly four star resort hotel is a beautiful place to stay. The hotel offers many amenities that are suitable for the whole family, including a swimming pool, bowling alley and a wellness center.
The promocode: sheetzloyality will give you a 10% discount
It’s about a 20 min commute by car to the conference location, or a 45 minute trip with public transport.

Airbnb and B&B's

There are a number of Airbnb or Bed & Breakfast locations in Enschede. Some have only a Dutch website, sorry. If you have trouble communicating with any of them, please let us know at or msg blueskies in the Silverstripe-users Slack to see if we can help. 

Check out: Airbnb

Villa de Pilla Bed & Breakfast
Located in the city centre, 7 min walk to the conference location and sleeps up to 8 people (3 rooms). 
-> Go to Google Translated English site
-> Go to Dutch website 

Emma's Bed & Breakfast
An 8 minute walk to the conference location, this B&B offers up to 3 appartements.
-> Go to website

Torenland (Towerland) Bed & Breakfast
Close to conference location, and includes free use of bikes to get there quickly. Can sleep up to 3 people.
-> Go to Google Translated English site
-> Go to Dutch website

Roombeek Bed and Breakfast
From this B&B it’s a 20 min walk to the conference location. We’d recommend renting a bike at the train station (
-> Go to Google Translated English site
-> Go to Dutch website

SPONSERS Principal sponsors


Lemon8 B.V. is a small agency from Enschede. SilverStripe fans since version 2.4, the first to use SilverStripe in the Netherlands, and still going strong. We help our clients define and realize their online goals. From back-end to front-end, from idea to specs, we build effective online experiences. Making the web a better place since 2001. Find us by our handles: blueskies and fuzz10 in the Silverstripe-Users Slack.
Twisted Bytes

Twisted Bytes knows Silverstripe. With our knowledge of hosting small and big Silverstripe sites we offer hosting specific for Silverstripe. Our servers always have secure filetransfer, SSH, backups and monitoring. HHVM and Nginx are possible, just as SSL and Newrelic. Our performance option include Varnish, Cloudflare and tuning to your specific site. Find me my handle: Derk Gortemaker in the Silverstripe-Users Slack.

SilverStripe Ltd was founded in 2000 by three people passionate about the limitless possibilities of the web in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. Together Sam Minnée, Tim Copeland and Sigurd Magnusson brought to life the SilverStripe CMS/Framework. They shared a vision: to reshape business through the web. Now SilverStripe CMS/Framework has been downloaded over 1 million times and is supported by over 24,000 members in the open source community all over the world.



We’re a London based web design agency, providing creative digital services to businesses who want to grow online. Focusing on results, we use our technical skills, experience and industry insight to help our clients meet their digital goals. We believe that website design is about more than just looking great on the screen. Our focus is on designing visually appealing websites that are unique and engage your audience.

The DirectLease group is the online operational car lease company for Dutch, Belgian and German customers. The range of products and the quality of our services give the DirectLease companies a unique market position. We stand for interesting leasing solutions for small and mid-sized companies and we offer attractively priced private lease cars to Dutch consumers. DirectLease has been fueled by and a big fan of SilverStripe for many years!
Northcreation Agency

A Stockholm-based web agency, specialised in e-commerce, front-end development and web strategy. We are a small, ambitious agency with our feet on the ground. We are business focused and always look forward to delivering quality.

UpCloud is a cloud hosting company offering an hourly billed infrastructure-as-a-service. UpCloud is passionate about offering the most high performance servers with extremely redundant infrastructure to the most demanding customers. Currently, the company provides services from data centers based in the UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore and Finland.


Made Media

Since 2002, Made Media has produced best-in-class websites and apps for our clients, including theatres, music venues, performing arts centres, museums, broadcast networks, and other creative organizations. We create beautiful work that delivers results and holds up under heavy load.

Hamaka is the name, providing solutions is their game (Hamakaaa!). Hamaka is a digital agency in Utrecht (Nederland). Specialised in websites, online software and MailChimp newsletters. Their websites are easy to spot; Beautiful designs, easy to navigate and they always function as they're supposed to.


Nobrainer Web

A web agency based in Esbjerg, Denmark with the focus on close relationships, quality, quick response and unique, user-friendly solutions that deliver value to customers. You get professional and honest advice, help with online marketing, design, technical development and implementation of online solutions.

We design, build and support applications that make your business run. These are often web applications for your primary process. Or for your primary product. Applications that must always be available. What your users work with on a daily basis. What your customers trust. What your business builds on. We do this with an experienced and committed team.

We make it easy to maintain websites. Websites built on top of SilverStripe that also work well on tablets and mobile phones. We keep things clean and simple. You don't have to worry about deadlines, technical communications and obstacles when we work for you. Just sit back and relax while we create your new website on a platform you desire, e.g. SilverStripe.

You need a website. But not just any website. A site that stands out. You need Bigfork. We build top-notch SilverStripe websites for businesses just like yours.

Novatio develops front- and backend applications for websites. We quickly understand the problem of a client and translate this into an online custom solution. Knowledge sharing and professionalism are of paramount importance in our informal corporate culture.

One-click delivery automation for web developers. Buddy offers a 20% discount for all plans for StripeCon EU attendees.
Oetiker+Partner AG

We create bespoke software. Many of our solutions are based on open source technologies and often result in additional open source packages being created and released in the process. First time customers are often amazed with how little formal specification we are able to make a fix price offer and start the interactive creative
process of producing a solution that fits perfectly.


With a small team of specialists, we work daily on the most beautiful and user-friendly internet applications. We are large and skilled enough to handle virtually any issue and at the same time we are small enough for short lines, a personal approach and a fast, flexible working attitude.

pixelpoems is a web agency from Vienna, Austria. pixelpoems develops appealing and effective digital solutions. From conception through design to implementation and support, we create sophisticated websites, mobile applications and powerful online shops.

Get the strongest, most effective developer tools on earth. By automating routine checks and corrections, our tools speed up production, freeing developers to grow, discover and create. JetBrains is sponsoring us with 2 licenses to give away during the event.

We are Level51, a team of lateral thinkers that has come together to form a small software studio in the middle of the Bavarian Forest. With great attention to detail, we work on mobile apps, web applications and desktop systems - always on the hunt for new trends and technologies.

HQSS can create applications using front end technologies such as Angular. HQSS can also assist you with the integration of existing software applications, or if you need to extract data from an older application.

An Intelligent  Static Code Analyzer which doen't interrupt your workflow

Manufacturer of SilverStripe sites. SilverStripe experts and operators of tourism platforms in the Salzkammergut, Austria

SPECIAL Thank you!

Gemeente Enschede

The city of Enschede is happy to host our event and will be offering free parking for our guests. Thank you Enschede!